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The Way She Wants It  by  Deanna Cox

The Way She Wants It by Deanna Cox
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Horny housewife Dianne is bored of her husbands wham, bam, thank you maam! approach to sex, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. When her husband wakes up to find himself tied to the bed, naked, helpless, Dianne is determined to make sure to give him a night hell never forget, and to get it exactly the way she wants it...Warning: This 3600+ word story contains sizzling scenes of bondage, dubious consent, oral sex, masturbation and woman on top sex, and is intended for mature readers only!Excerpt:“Im glad youre awake.”Frank glanced over to where the voice came from, and saw Dianne in the corner of their room perched on a chair, sipping at a glass of wine.

As she stood up, carefully setting down her glass, he realised that his wife was wearing a gorgeous black basque and matching panties that he vaguely remembered buying for her some time ago. He long, blonde hair fell over her bare shoulders, cascading down her back as she approached the bed, the tight material of her negligee clinging to her softly swaying hips.

Frank found that his mouth was suddenly dry at the sight of her body, despite his confusion, the feeling of his cock twitching slightly making him aware that he was completely naked on the bed.“Dianne? What the hells going on? Untie me.” he demanded, straining against his bonds as his wife leaned down to him.“Later. For now, I have something else in mind.” Dianne murmured, her lips softly brushing against his as she spoke.“Whats going on?

What are you doing?” he asked, his wrists starting to ache now as he struggled to get free, hearing his wife chuckle softly at his efforts.“Getting what I want for a change, Frank. I made sure to tie them tightly, so youre not going anywhere until I say otherwise. You may as well shut up, lay back and enjoy it.” she smiled, watching as Frank writhed on their bed.

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