O Enigma de Paris Pablo de Santis


Published: 2008


296 pages


O Enigma de Paris  by  Pablo de Santis

O Enigma de Paris by Pablo de Santis
2008 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 296 pages | ISBN: | 7.51 Mb

In the tradition of Caleb Carrs The Alienist and Eric Larsens The Devil in the White City comes a gripping tale of murder and the art of crime solving, atmospherically set during the 1889 Paris Worlds Fair.It is 1889, and the entire world breathlessly anticipates the Paris Worlds Fair and the opening of Monsieur Eiffels iconic tower. The Twelve Detectives—a society of the twelve most famous, compelling, and dazzling detectives from around the world—have been asked to discuss the secrets of their trade as part of the fairs lineup of events.

The Twelve travel to Paris to convene as a single body for the first time, but also, if some whispers are to be believed, to debate the very philosophy that underlies their pursuit of the worlds most wanted criminals.But one detective is conspicuously absent: the legendary founding member of The Twelve, Renato Craig, will not attend.

In his place he sends his novice assistant, Sigmundo Salvatrio—son of a shoemaker, a lifelong detective-arts devotee, and the only remaining student of Craigs famed Academy for Detectives in Buenos Aires. Salvatrio arrives in Paris, carrying a secret message meant only for Craigs best friend and cofounder of The Twelve, the brilliant, brooding, and fiercely competitive Viktor Arzaky.When a member of The Twelve is discovered dead at the foot of the gleaming Eiffel Tower, the first in what turns into a series of grisly murders, Arzaky and Salvatrio find themselves in a race against time around glorious fin de siècle Paris, encountering all manner of secret societies, solving philosophical puzzles, while alsotrying to save a dangerously beautiful woman.The pair soon realizes that the stakes involved are unimaginably high- they must not only catch the stalking murderer but also alter the fate of their precious brotherhood.Written in a strikingly original voice, and poignantly evoking a world about to lose its innocence forever, The Paris Enigma opens a window onto crime solvings early days, when wit, common sense, and intelligence were the only tools a detective could rely on.

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