White League, The Thomas Zigal

ISBN: 9781612187549

Published: October 26th 2011


472 pages


White League, The  by  Thomas Zigal

White League, The by Thomas Zigal
October 26th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 472 pages | ISBN: 9781612187549 | 7.77 Mb

RATING: 4.75PROTAGONIST: Paul Blanchard, coffee magnateSETTING: New Orleans, Louisiana - 1990sSERIES: StandaloneNew Orleans in the 1990s is a place that still has strong connections to its past. In fact, it is said that there are thirty families who control the city, one of which is the Blanchards, who have built a coffee manufacturing empire.

Currently in charge of the family corporation, Paul Blanchard has a comfortable life, living in a fine neighborhood and participating in high society events. Unbeknownst to his family and friends, he is harboring a terrible secret. And if he doesnt find financial support for a white supremacist who is running for governor, that secret will be exposed and Paul will be ruined.Back in his college days, Paul was involved in a situation where a young girl died. In a panic, he called upon a fraternity brother, Mark Morvant, who helped him cover up the crime.

Now Morvant is blackmailing him by asking Paul to go to The White League and solicit contributions for his political campaign. Paul has never heard of The White League and sets out to find out if such a group exists. He uncovers a long history going back to Civil War Reconstruction in which a group of the citys movers and shakers participate in blatantly racially discriminatory activities. He is shocked to find that members of his family were part of this League. As far as he can tell, the League disappeared in the 1960s—do they indeed continue their nefarious activities to this day?Several events suggest that they do.

His openly gay brother, Perry, was a victim as was one of the local religious leaders. Paul is horrified by what he uncovers, as he is truly a man who believes in equality, a principle that he has demonstrated both in his professional and personal life. But on the other hand, he also has an overriding need to not have his secret exposed, which would result in the loss of his family and their stature in the community.

The choice to him seems clear- he must support Morvant, who is against everything he stands for, or risk losing everything and everyone he cares about.Zigal has done an astonishing job of portraying the long history of racism in past and modern New Orleans. But what makes this book really succeed on every level is the depiction of Paul, and the conflicts that he faces. Essentially a good and principled man, he stands up for his beliefs over and over again.

Yet, when it appears that his past misdeed will be uncovered, he acts in the most selfish ways to protect himself.Theres an element of suspense as the book unfolds—will Paul do the right thing or the convenient thing? Just when youre sure that he will do one, he does the other. Is there any possible way out for him? Hes a good man who made a big mistake. What can he possibly do to eliminate the threat of Morvant and go past the lie he has been living?

And in facing up to that lie, how does he live with the misdeeds that were perpetuated in the name of fealty by his own family?THE WHITE LEAGUE is a satisfying and complex book, one which forces the reader to look at their own moral choices. In spite of anything that we have ever done, there is a chance to redeem ourselves—but that chance may involve some hard choices and not be easily accomplished. THE WHITE LEAGUE is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book that I highly recommend.

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